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* gbudavid <forums gimpusers com> [11-16-12 20:51]:
* gbudavid <forums gimpusers com> [11-16-12 19:59]:
Perhaps, but the error message you see is not on my screen or we have
kind of communication probs, esp ??

The Program can't start because libgdk-win32-2.0-0.dll is missing from your
computer. try reinstalling the program to fix this problem...
I have re installed UF raw three times...

You can search for libgdw-win32 in the gimp archives and get a full
explanation.  But, iirc, there are two copies of libgdw-win32 on your
computer.  Find the first, the one not installed by gimp and delete it. 
Then you should be gold.

The error is because the not-gimp copy of libgdw-win32 is found instead of
the gimp copy and it doesn't satisfy the program requirements, hence the
error report.

You will get better and quicker help if you take the time to provide
better explanations of your situation.  Most of us have outlived our
crystal balls.  My have shriveled to almost nothing but I have been here a
loooooong time  :^).

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