[Gimp-user] gimpusers.com mailing list connection (changes)

Dear GIMP developers and readers of the gimp-user mailing list,

as you probably know gimpusers.com is providing a forum-like Web interface that
is connected to the official mailing lists, so that users who are not familiar
or don't want to use mailing lists can use this way of communication too.

In the past, every posting that was made using our Web interface was connected
to gimp-user mailing list automatically and without exceptions. We have
completely reworked the forum in the last weeks, so that it is now possible to
choose whether a certain thread should be connected to the mailing list. We have
made this because there may be discussions on gimpusers.com that are not really
on-topic on the list. It will be a symbiosis of a basic forum and a mailing list

Some of the new stuff that concerns the list connection:

* Users can choose if they want to connect/share a new thread with the list.
* Readability and quoted stuff in the Web interface has been made much more
user-friendly and uses more available space.
* Detection of user signatures (where possible)
* Custom author names have been removed. gimpusers.com users now always post
under their gimpusers nick name.
* Attachments are now possible. They're not attached to the list email itself
(too much traffic) - instead we provide a link to view them online.
* more automatic preventive measures agains spam (including recaptcha for every
message that could go to the list)
* All development list (dev list, gegl developers, gimp.org web list) threads
are read-only from the Web interface
* Names of authors that are writing via their email program are not trackable in
any kind to remain a certain level of privacy.

I hope you like the new style. If you have any suggestions, ideas, wishes or
complaints concerning the mailing list connection please let us know directly to
<team gimpusers com>.

Best regards,

devvv (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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