Re: [Gimp-user] Rectangle Select Tool, Gimp 2.8

2012/5/17 Reflat N <fokjulle gmail com>:
Recently upgraded to Gimp 2.8 for the single window mode (which works
brilliantly in Ubuntu, especially with the HUD).

But the Rectangle Select Tool has a new - but odd - behaviour. When I draw a
selection, and then add to that selection, a new "square" is position at my
cursor. (See attached screenshot.) This didn't happen in 2.6 and is a bit
irritating because it disorientates me slightly, especially if I'm working

This "square" is simply the same outline that appears when you first
begin using the rectangle select tool. It's the same, whether you are
beginning a new selection, or adding or subtracting to an existing
selection. I don't see why it disorientates you.
Olivier Lecarme

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