[Gimp-user] No "use gradient" checkbox

2012/5/14 subeeds <forums gimpusers com>:
I'm using Windows7 Home Premium. I'm new to GIMP. I was following one of the tutorials to get used to GIMP 
and I don't have a check box by the gradient box so I can "use color from gradient". Here's a link to a 
screen shot I took.
I uninstalled, then reinstalled the program, but that didn't help. Suggestions or work arounds would be 

The tutorial you used is obsolete. With GIMP 2.8, the color is taken
from the gradient if at least one box is checked in the Color row of
the mapping matrix for the current paint dynamics. See for example the
Random Color paint dynamics.

Depending on what you intend to do, you'll probably have to define a
new paint dynamics, using the proper button in the Paint Dynamics

Thanks, Oliver. Being totally new to GIMP-and loving it so far, I an just following the tutes I've found 
online so I can learn what is where in GIMP and how it works. 

subeeds (via gimpusers.com)

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