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Yes it is the Partha's installer.
With your installer it works properly.

The only thing which is not working with your installer is the help.
The installation is ok and Gimp find the Help installed but when you launch it , you got on the left hand side the summary but on the right hand side the sentence in French "Erreur  l'ouverture du fichier  : invalid argument" which can be translated as follows :
"Error at the opening of the  file : invalid argument"
 means "Â" [Capital A circumflex] or "00C2" (unicode) for a French speaking machine



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On Sat, 12 May 2012 19:42:32 +0200, Paul Saumane wrote:

Using your compilation of  GIMP2.7.6, in fact 2.8, my scanner is not
recognized any more with Windows 7-64

Since you're mentioning 2.7.6, I assume you mean Partha's installer? Have
you tried with the installer from
<> ?

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