On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 3:26 PM, Russ Marshall <russmarshall charter net> wrote:
Can anyone explain to me why GIMP allows their “FREE” software to be SOLD on
eBay? There are those of us
who have been cheated by sellers who, when you win the auction send you the
URL for GIMP web page where
you may download it for free!!!!
I have complained to eBay but they will not do anything about it.

There's really nothing that can be done.  I recommend going back to
eBay and filing a complaint there.

I hardly use eBay anymore but when I do, I always:

1. Search the web for the item and get 3rd party information/reviews/etc.
2. Check the seller's profile very carefully, and search for them as well.

Sorry you got scammed.


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