Re: [Gimp-user] does number->string have format options?

On 05/02/2012 02:00 AM, paynekj wrote:
There is no official document for TinyScheme. The closest thing to it is the
official R4RS or R5RS Scheme standard.
The R5RS document can be found at:
Not all features documented are supported by TinyScheme but its a good
starting point to see the language syntax or some of the features supported.
If other Scheme interpreters have many different definitions for things like
string parsing they may not be following the Scheme standard, may be using
custom sets of Scheme code, or be using some features from R6RS, or
functions from the Scheme SRFI's.
Isn't it about time that an "official" document was written for Tiny-Fu? at least documenting which features 
are supported and where differences exist between Tiny-Fu and R5RS.

I see it is on your To Do list:

Yes, That would be super! It's insane that tinyscheme does not have documentation!

I use it pretty much entirely in batch mode to post processes large time series of rendered images from scientific datasets so from my point of view the batch mode scripting is essential. Tinyscheme is lacking very basic functionality that is pretty standard these days (eg formatted io routines). If there is there any chance to replace tinyscheme with some other scheme implementation it would be a huge improvement (0.02$). perhaps mit scheme or racket or some other implementation that is more full featured? Both of these have excellent documentation as well. It's crazy ridiculous that I spent a day to re-invent and debug printf! that functionality should be there already. debugging scheme code under the gimp is fairly difficult. for example tinyscheme io streams are buffered and there is no way to set the buffering mode when you open a stream (?!), and there is no fflush equivalent. at least I couldn't find these features. the other scheme implementations I looked at when looking for a source of documentation seem to have these and other basic and essential standard features implemented out of the box.

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