Re: [Gimp-user] does number->string have format options?

On 12-05-01 11:01 AM, Burlen Loring wrote:
I am looking for the programmers reference / documentation for the scheme
interpreter included with gimp. I have so far not found it, and other scheme
interpreters seem to have many different definitions for eg string parsing

There is no official document for TinyScheme. The closest thing to it is the official R4RS or R5RS Scheme standard.

The R5RS document can be found at:

Not all features documented are supported by TinyScheme but its a good starting point to see the language syntax or some of the features supported. If other Scheme interpreters have many different definitions for things like string parsing they may not be following the Scheme standard, may be using custom sets of Scheme code, or be using some features from R6RS, or functions from the Scheme SRFI's.


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