[Gimp-user] Benchmarking Gimp/GEGL

Hi All,

Want to gauge your experience.

Test Machine: HP Pavilion dv8 Notebook PC (19" display Nvidia 1G
dedicated video RAM), intel Core i7 Q720 @1.60GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows 7,

Steps I took:

Start timer: 0.00.0 (mins.secs.micorsecs)
Open location ->
Rendered - Timer: 1.38.0
Duplicate Layer
Checked off "Use GEGL"  in Colors Menu
Tool -> GEGL Operation ->c2g (Used defaults)
Rendered: Timer: 6:00
Color -> Invert -> Convert layer Mode -> Dodge
Rendered Timer: 7:53.0
Menu -> Filter -> Gaussian Blur (20 Percent) (not px but pc)
Rendered Timer; 21:30 Sec.
Add Layer mask. (default - white)
Use Blend on mask (black linear)
Render Timer: 23.37.6

So, total time 23 minutes, 37 seconds.

So, what kind of timing do you get with your OS?

Looks like the Nikon D800 is going to really going to put us through
the wringer. :)


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