[Gimp-user] jpeg files not recognised

On 03/08/2012 03:37 PM, andrew.alangdondavies.es wrote:
Just to be sure it was not my pc I opened several jpeg/jpg files
in other applications without any problems! None of them will
open in GIMP! So I think the problems lies in this application.

Right you are - or, more to the point, the problem lies with the
GIMP installation on your local system.  Others may have more
relevant ideas, but here's mine: 

First, does your GIMP installation open other file formats normally
(BMP, PNG, etc)?  If so, the problem may lie with a file called
gimp-jpeg (or maybe gimp-jpg.exe), which may be missing, corrupted,
or prevented from running by an error in file permissions.  If not,
the problem is larger. 

Either way, I would:

1.  Uninstall the GIMP.

2.  Do a global file and directory search for the word gimp, and
delete all directories found - unless some have your own files in
them of course!

3. Download a new copy of the installer at
http://www.gimp.org/windows/ and install it.

Note:  Since you did not specify your operating system, I will
assume that it was made by Microsoft.  If your normal user account
on your local computer is an Administrator account, this is a Very
Bad Thing and should be corrected.  But just to make certain that
the OS is not denying your user account access to some files or
directories during installation or operation of the GIMP, you might
want to be sure that your user account IS an Administrator account
just for the duration of the installation process.  If the GIMP
works then, it should still work after you convert your user account
(back) to Restricted because your user account will still "own" the
files created under its reign.

I am not a dev or maintainer, your mileage may vary, I didn't do it
(nobody saw me, you can't prove anything).  But at worst, you will
be no worse off for trying the procedure above and it just might work.



Thank you Steve. I will give your sugestions a try.

autolisp (via gimpusers.com)

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