Re: [Gimp-user] Fwd: GIMP Customization

Firstly thank you very much for the reply.

*Final result :* What I intend to do is image interpretation for
intelligence and refining the particulars of the image with tools like
Sharpening, Color change(Contrast), Hue saturatiuon and finally get a
WYSIWYG ICC matching profile as per the printer.I would add few annotations
and use few symbols here and there.

I don't think that's what Michael Schumacher meant by his question, but if not he will verify.  MY 
intpretation of what what he is asking is WHY are you wanting to remove menu items.   Based upon your 
original email, my assumption(yes, I know it was wrong of me to assume but we can only go with the 
information provided) is that you plan to rebuild GIMP and sell it commercially or install it onto a number 
of computers such as in a school, senior center, or some other such place where you want to reduce complexity 
for other users.   Though I could be wrong, I just can't see why anyone would care so much about extra(not 
needed for their personal use) menu items so much that they would want to go through the hassles of editing 
source code and compiling themselves.   ie, what is your end goal of making the modifications in the first 
place?  Not what you want to change, but WHY are those changes so important to you as to spend so much effort 
to do so?


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