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On 23.07.12 02:55 Susan Bishop wrote:
This is probably a common question but the main thing putting me off using GIMP is the horrible user interface. Are you ever going to upgrade it?
Hi Susan,

your line reminds me of what I was thinking in my first GIMP days. Perhaps the following advices from my own experiences will help you: 1. I started and kept working with GIMP, using it many hours. Step by step and with some aha experiences I found out, that GIMP isn't that horrible and some things are done really cute. Searching the help and the web you will find many helpful tutorials and resources. You find some hints on, too. 2. GIMP follows a particular product vision you find at Check if your expectations are the same or similar. In May 2012 there was also a discussion on the GIMP developer mailing list about the targeted audience of GIMP ( If you find out, that GIMP isn't the right thing for you, another software might be your choice. Depending on your needs there are for instance Krita, MyPaint, GPaint, Picasa, Paint.NET, Phatch, Xnview etc. 3. If GIMP is your choice, be more tangible, please. You tried out GIMPs features to solve a particular task efficiently and think something existing could be done better? -> Participate in the GIMP UI brainstorm (, report bugs or help improving the bugreports at Bugzilla. Wishes on new features should be checked first at Bugzilla, whether somebody already reported them and if not, discuss them at the mailing list first before filing an enhancement bugreport at Bugzilla. Please keep in mind that GIMP has a lack of developers and the existing developers do their work beside their real lifes, so things might go slowlier than you expect. You can speed up things by helping them, see Any help is appreciated.
You see, the ugly duckling evolves ;-)

That's what I experienced with GIMP and I hope this helps you, too.

Best regards,


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