[Gimp-user] New donation option - Added Flattr button to www.gimp.org

Hi there,

we've added a new donation option to our website - a Flattr button.
It is located just below the donations button in the navigation menu of http://www.gimp.org

Flattr is a microdonation service that allows you to distribute an arbitrary amount of money - for example 2 euros - to all the things you flattr (i.e. click on their Flattr buttons) per month.

Six weeks ago, we received a request to accept donations via this service, and I thought that it was at least worth a try.

Today, I'm looking at a Flattr thing called https://flattr.com/thing/707850/GIMP-is-the-GNU-Image-Manipulation-Program, which has been flattred 4 times (not surprising, as it hasn't been public yet), with a balance of 18.59 euros, and I'm still struggling with the task to forward this sum to the GIMP Paypal account without any intermediate steps :)

Nevertheless, there's now a simple and easy donation option for anyone who wants to contribute to the GIMP funds - which are spent on contributors' travel and accommodation expenses or hardware like graphics tablets - without resorting to cheques, wire transfers or Paypal, which had been the only options on http://www.gimp.org/donating/ up to now.


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