[Gimp-user] Gimp - 2.8 Usability Drop

Gimp Devs,

  I have used gimp for many years and appreciate the work you have done. However, with the 2.8 release, for 
the first time in a decade, I was sorely disappointed in the direction the package had gone. Immediately 
apparent was the file/save dialog changes that interject unnecessary export requirements and leave the user 
with an unwanted 'untitled' image on the screen when they are done. Despite the outcry from the community and 
user base, the response from the developers was basically - stick it! We don't care what the user base wants, 
we know what you need - deal with it. 

  Not to be outdone in arrogance, the official registry.gimp.org description of the file open/save dialog 
belittles and insults the user community stating that those affected by the change are low-level users who 
should find some other free product to use. I was floored. I never again thought I would see that same type 
of arrogance that accompanied the kde 3-4 debacle -- I was wrong. 
  This is why open-source fails to gain wider acceptance. When 1-2 developers can change the traditional 
behavior of an application to suit their taste and then force the change on thousands of users without the 
courtesy of soliciting user input, reliability on a product is completely destroyed. That needs to stop.

  Now do not twist this post into a post bashing gimp. It's not. Gimp has always been and remains a superb 
package for manipulating bitmap graphics. I appreciate and respect the hard work that has gone into making 
the package what it is. The goal is to make it better.

  The flexibility in the original file open/save/save as dialog was developed over a number of years with 
input from the user community to arrive at a dialog that met the needs of the user base and provided the most 
efficient way to save the file in front of the user in the manner he chose. That entire body of work that 
went into the design of the dialog has been thrown out on the whim of a few. The developers attempt to 
rationalize this abandonment of the dialog (post hoc) by suggesting this was the way to prevent advanced 
users from losing the complexities of an advanced drawing by inadvertent saving as a .jpg. Come on.

  A simple warning dialog advising that data loss will occur would suffice and was already provided. Moreover 
-- an advanced user losing his complex image by an inadvertent save -- not. Not to mention, the drawing and 
ALL layers are still present, right in front of the advanced user -- on the screen -- until the image is 

  Now we find ourselves in a situation where the community and user base has made clear their preference for 
the 2.6 style open/save dialog that preserves the choice of the user to save in whatever format they choose, 
but now developer pride is one the line. We made the change and we won't change back, we have already told 
you low-level users to go find another simply package if you don't like it. What a shame. The whole idea of 
open-source was the ability to meet the needs of the user community.

  It seems our developer community would do well to listen.

  The logical solution here is simple. Simply meet the needs of both those who like the old style dialogs and 
those that like the new by providing the _option_ to select which type dialog behavior to use. The code for 
each is already there, just make the behavior user selectable in the "Edit -> Preferences -> Interface" 
dialog. (or where ever you see fit) a simple check box labeled as follows would suffice:

[  ]  Use Gimp 2.6 File open/save Dialogs

  There is no reason that cannot be done in Gimp-2.8.1. Problem solved.

drankinatty (via gimpusers.com)
David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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