[Gimp-user] so we wanted to install the latest version, but it does not work !!! please help us ...


First, a big applause for this wonderful tool and developer !!!

I am a student associations, and with my friends we use GIMP, which seems full of promise, so we wanted to install the latest version, but it does not work! ....
... What a disappointment for open source ... please help us ...

... because many students can not afford to buy a new Pc, and / or have been forced to re-format their PC and end up with SP1 ... Micro$oft no longer provides support ... (thank you the 'Obsolescence programmed ")

1 - Error messages with
=> "This version of GIMP Requires Windows XP with Sevice Pack 2, or a news version of windows"

2 - Solutions?
=> Saw with NotePad++, the error come from the tool installer / subsoiler / compiler Borlan ... ?
=> Applications Portable yet functions well (http://framakey.org/Portables/Index)
=> Or install with 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/)

This is a PC intel P4 2.8 GHz, 2 G of Ram,
- 2002 version with WinXP SP1
- Direct X 9c
- GeForce FX5900 with the latest drivers MSI builders, not the latest NVidia generic drivers that have negative benchs ...
(Nvidia is known for its policy of planned obsolescence, http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsolescence_programmée)

=> It can not install SP2 / SP3 / ...
1 - dial-up connection ...
2 - of drivers, and programs do not work ...
3 - SP2 / SP3 does not recognize the scanner, webcam, printer ... (thank you the 'Obsolescence programmed ")

thank you for your help ...

For information, we work seamlessly with:
- Blender
- Gimp ... older versions ...
- Open Office
- Python

Thank you for your help.

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