Re: [Gimp-user] Thank you developers, for your patience.

Am 02.07.2012 01:22, schrieb Bob Long:

I'm a light-weight user (Windows). The most common process I do is:

Drag a BMP image into GIMP.
Crop using fixed aspect ratio - very handy for my purposes.
Scale image.
File|Overwrite <filename>
Exit (close without saving).

I'm not negating the fact that others don't like the new process, but 
this is easy for me, and a simple change from the previous process.

I can live with the new process, too. The only thing I am missing is to
do the "Exit (close without saving)" step directly (after having
overwritten the original BMP/JPEG/PNG/whatever).

At the moment, "Exit (close without saving)" is a "two-step" step: Close
-> Close without saving

Or is there a shortcut I am not aware of?

Thanks to the developers for the great work (before and after v2.6.x)!


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