[Gimp-user] Gimp newbie trying to get a job done.



                I have been using your app extensively since November.  I have come up with a real need to perform in Gimp, but I do not know if Gimp can do it.


                What I am trying to do is import a PDF that contains a graphic of radiation patterns from RF towers, along with all roads and other geographical data.  Once imported, I want to remove all of the roads and unwanted data and keep the radiation pattern.  The radiation pattern is in 1 color that dominates the image, and “covers” most of the other unwanted info, almost as a 50% transparency.  I then want to export the radiation pattern, and use it in Google Earth.  Additionally, where the radiation pattern is not, have it become completely transparent


                Can you tell me how to perform this feat using Gimp?


Brent Shifley

AWIN Support


Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)


AWIN Operations arkansas gov


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