Re: [Gimp-user] Uninstalling Gimp crashes computer

On 01/06/2012 06:20 PM, Marci Davis wrote:

My 11-year old daughter installed Gimp on our laptop.  Shortly after, we started having trouble with speed and resolution.  Gimp will not open, nor can we uninstall it.  In fact, when I try, it crashes the computer.  Any suggestions?

There are two reputable places to get Gimp Windows installers:  the gimp-win project on sourceforge ( for the 2.4 & 2.6 versions and Partha's site for 2.7 ( Everything else is a bit suspiscious, and could have included unwanted software (trojan or else). Or it's a mere chronological coincidence and Gimp isn't implied (if you let your 11-yo install anything on your computer, goes know what else got installed).

As far as I remember the Gimp Windows installation is all under the Gimp installation tree (no DLLs copied to Windows directories) and it doesn't set anything in the registry, so erasing the installation tree may be sufficient to uninstall it completely.

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