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More explicit screen captures attached:


Le dimanche 1 janvier 2012 07:39:58, Steve Kinney a écrit :

> On 12/30/2011 11:10 AM, alain second lafauteaunet net wrote:

> > Howto dock some tabs (tool options, layers, colors...) in the

> > toolbox? or dock the toolbox in a multitab tool window with ool

> > options, layers, colors.. ? would be nice to have only TWO

> > windows: one for the image (without pollution), one "service" window !

> >

> >

> >

> > This was possible in 2.6, but not (for me) in 2.7.4...


> I have been doing likewise "forever", a screen shot of my preferred

> configuration is here:




> I am using version 2.6, so this may not be relevant but I sure hope

> it is... If you have a dockable dialog open, you should be able to

> click and drag it by the part of the dock window where its title

> appears, and drop it in the dock area of the main toolbox. There

> should also be a small, left pointing arrow near the top right

> corner of the dock area in the main toolbox, that shows "Configure

> this tab" as a tool tip on mouse hover. Click this and the menu

> that opens should include "Add tab" which will open a menu for that

> purpose when clicked.


> I wonder if your problem might be related to the way GTK interacts

> with your desktop window manager. Right now I am using Compiz with

> Emerald on Ubuntu 10.04, and tear off menus don't work. They tear

> off, but commands entered in them do not find their way to the GIMP

> for execution. Other than that everything seems normal enough here.


> :o/


> Steve


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