Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp 2.7.4

On 12/30/2011 11:10 AM, alain second lafauteaunet net wrote:

Howto dock some tabs (tool options, layers, colors...) in the
toolbox? or dock the toolbox in a multitab tool window with ool
options, layers, colors.. ? would be nice to have only TWO
windows: one for the image (without pollution), one "service" window !


This was possible in 2.6, but not (for me) in 2.7.4...

I have been doing likewise "forever", a screen shot of my preferred
configuration is here:

I am using version 2.6, so this may not be relevant but I sure hope
it is... If you have a dockable dialog open, you should be able to
click and drag it by the part of the dock window where its title
appears, and drop it in the dock area of the main toolbox.  There
should also be a small, left pointing arrow near the top right
corner of the dock area in the main toolbox, that shows "Configure
this tab" as a tool tip on mouse hover.  Click this and the menu
that opens should include "Add tab" which will open a menu for that
purpose when clicked.

I wonder if your problem might be related to the way GTK interacts
with your desktop window manager.  Right now I am using Compiz with
Emerald on Ubuntu 10.04, and tear off menus don't work.  They tear
off, but commands entered in them do not find their way to the GIMP
for execution.  Other than that everything seems normal enough here. 



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