[Gimp-user] Problem installing GimpLensFun

I've been using GimpLensFun with gimp under Fedora 14.   It
appears under Filter>Enhance.

I just installed Fedora 15 on another computer.  There is the added
complication of Gnome 3, which I have yet to master, but that shouldn't
make any real difference.

I tried to install GimpLensFun on the new computer which is running gimp
2.6.12.  I downloaded the tar file and copied GimpLensFun for AMD 64
bit, which is the correct computer, into .gimp-2.6/plugins

But I can't find GimpLensFUn in any filter or anywhere else.

What is wrong?

Added later:
On the old system, gimplensfun occurs in pluginrc, but it doesn't in
new system, either in that form or as GimpLensFun.

Leonard Evens len math northwestern edu
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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