Re: [Gimp-user] Misc RC (noob) problems

Madeleine Fisher <animatrix1490 gmail com> writes:

I just downloaded the new RC, and it works really well, but I have a problem--when I use
my tablet and it goes off the screen, the pressure settings will suddenly switch off. Is
that something that I can fix? Or will it work better in future releases? Some with the
free-move (or whatever)--when I move the view around sometimes I have to minimize the
whole GIMP to get it to refresh properly.

Hmm, this seems like something for the devs … If you feel like
contributing a bug report, has some info;
there's also the gimp developer list at 

Also, just if anybody has any good advice: sometimes when I hit the hotkeys I hit my
mousepad, too (on my laptop), and GIMP will sporadically spaz between the "default"
settings and the one's I've put on my tablet to draw with at the current moment. I
wouldn't ask for help, but it continues for minutes afterward sometimes. It makes it
difficult to draw a line and is just kind of annoying. Any thoughts?

If it were me, I would run a program that turns on/off the mousepad with
a global hotkey (so I could press e.g. F12 or something to toggle it).
Depends on your system how easy it is to find such a program though …


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