[Gimp-user] GIMP Magazine - Call for Content / Articles / News / Photography / Art / Tutorials / etc...

We the GIMP Magazine team (Jordan, Rod, Dave and Steve) are making a serious attempt at creating a premiere GIMP Magazine ( www.twitter.com/GIMPMagazine ). 


The goals of the magazine are:

-To promote GIMP & related open source graphics software

-To promote art / photography created using this software

-To provide a professional looking magazine, with a high design value and visual interest

-To provide a magazine for users, artists, photographers, designers, and developers


We are asking if you would share the following Call for Content ( http://blog.meetthegimp.org/call-for-content-gimp-magazine-is-here/ ) with your members.


If you have any questions kindly contact us at GIMPMagazine hotmail ca



Managing Editor

You should check out my blog at www.steveczajka.posterous.com or follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/steveczajka

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