Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP Site Redesign

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 12:37:35PM +0100, Stefano Rovetta wrote:
Please, however, don't make it like those "insider-only" sites
where you only find the latest news but you don't know what these
news are about...

The first line should tell you something like:
"GIMP is the best photo and image editing software, and it's open source."

After that, anything can be discussed, but I strongly disagree
in burying the single most important information (what the site
is about) within the "About..." or "FAQ" sections.

If you look now at it says on the top
<image> GiMP <space devider> GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Then an image and then:

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed
piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition
and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many
languages. (more...) 

This is the official GIMP web site. It contains information about
downloading, installing, using, and enhancing it. This site also serves as
a distribution point for the latest releases. We try to provide as much
information about the GIMP community and related projects as possible.
Hopefully you will find what you need here. Grab a properly chilled
beverage and enjoy.


It is especially the two last alieneas that are unneeded on the first
page. I doubt that people use a random website engine, stumble on the site
and have no idea what the site is about. When I go to a site like google
or almost any other site, I do not see the explanation what it is about. I
am talking almost all sites., except the obscure software project made by
some amateur. I strongly believe that GIMP is beyond that point.

So I am all for a seperate FAQ or What Is or About section. This obviously
depends on what you want the site to be.

If, as you say, the SINGLE main thing is to explain GIMP, then do not
clutter it with news and other things. If it is about bringing news about
GIMP, then do that. If need be, change the onliner "GNU Image Manilupation
Program" to "THE opensource photo and image editor" or "Editing Images
since 1995" or some other catchy onlines that explains what it is and does.

It is strange that there is more information on the first page then there
is on concerning what GIMP is.

From what I see on the site, I see that is is basicaly news items and as
such directed to the repeat visitor and people who have knowledge of GIMP

That said, I personally dislike 'news' on websites. That is what
mailinglists, newsgroups and rss are much better able to handle. No need
to look at a site to see if something changed, but that is a whole other

I also understand that the people from GIMP do not share my feelings about
this. Otherwise they would have already done it. It is their site, so they
can do with it as they please. ;-)

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