Re: [Gimp-user] Tweaking performance

mikael staldal nu (2011-11-15 at 2032.43 +0100):
On 2011-11-15 17:43, GSR - FR wrote:
Yes, look in preferences, you can configure where you want the files
to be written; so point to a RAM based FS there. Another trick would
be using symlinks to redirect the directory structure (useful for apps
that do not allow configuration). Linux tmpfs is backed by swap, so it
could hit the disks anyway.
BTW, why does GIMP have this swap folder? Why doesn't it just
allocate all memory it needs and let the OS do the swapping?

OS swap is, normally, fixed size, and in some cases even zero (at OS
level it is a cushion, not a fix, and sometimes really bad if the
system becomes unresponsive). With own swapping files, it can swap
more, without affecting other processes, until the data partition
fills up.


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