Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP 2.6.10 unstable installer for windows32and64bit

I did not find anything relevant.
Also,  the first installation has been done with the 32 bits version ahead
of moving to the 64 version. So I believe that the best solution is to
unsinstall everything (clearing also user data if they are not removed) and
restart a proper installation with the new installer.

Is it your own feeling too ?

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On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 21:29:12 +0100, Paul Saumane wrote:

I have two OS :  XP32 and W7-64 onto two separate discs with a third one
just for data. So, I don't believe it might be any confusion regarding
looking somewhere else than "C"  when it is operating.

On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 9:48PM JernejSimončič wrote :

It shouldn't normally, but check that your %PATH% doesn't include any
directory from another drive (you can see %PATH% by opening command prompt
and typing  echo %PATH%  ).

The result from echo %PATH%  just give programms related to drive C:\ only

Microsoft Windows [version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés.
C:\Users\Paul>echo %PATH%
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common;C:\Program
Files\Common F
iles\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live;C:\Program Files (x86)\Common
Shared\Windows Live;C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX
v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Ulead Systems\MPEG;C:\Program
Files (x
86)\Windows Live\Shared;C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle\Shared


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