Re: [Gimp-user] Misleading reply to a FAQ for installing a GIMP2.6 Windows 7-32 executable

Thanks to Jernej Simončič for his prompt reply.
I never claimed it was a GIMP bug only that the FAQ reply was misleading and downright dangerous as you could get locked out of your own PC.
HP's support also claims "that's the other guy's fault". The user is not the winner in such conflicts!
*** The problem is that LoginUI.exe resides in the same Windows\System32 directory as intl.dll and intl.cpl (Control Panel item).
I simply cannot understand why GIMP does not look first  into its own version in ProgramFiles\GIMP-2.0\bin which of course it finds once the Windows version is renamed.
It's only a matter of search path.
I use many other programs (mostly Computer Algebra Software) which allows you in case of such conflicts to edit their search path.
Clearly such facilities are required since conflicts of names could only be avoided by omniscient developpers and illimited alphabets or names.
Is there any such "customer's tune-up" possibility with GIMP and if not is there any hope for a patch?
Meanwhile I have to give up using GIMP which seems to be a first rate program.
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> Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 11:00:19 +0100
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Misleading reply to a FAQ for installing a GIMP2.6 Windows 7-32 executable
> On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 07:37:39 +0000, Renatus wrote:
> > However intl.dll in folder Windows\System32 was hardly placed there by some broken application. It is used
> > by LoginUI.exe, the user interface for the logon screen!
> It's well known that some of HP's logon "enhancements" are broken - this is
> not a GIMP bug, it's HP's bug, and you should contact their support.
> > Is there a better and safe way out of that predicament (which IMO should then replace the unwise FAQ reply reproduced
> > above)?
> You could find out where the program that needs that other intl.dll
> resides, and move intl.dll from System32 to that directory.
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