Re: [Gimp-user] OT: Gimp name-picking (Was: Need help repairing image)

On 12/28/2011 02:44 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:


People who are not familiar with the GNU Image Manipulation Program but are familiar with the negative or sexual connotations of the word "gimp" will eschew the GNU Image Manipulation Program bases on the name alone. I have introduced literally tens of users to Kubuntu, Open Office, and Firefox with minimal friction (OOo is sometimes problematic for MSO compatibility). But nobody wants anything to do with "gimp", and not because of usability issues. Granted these are ESL users mostly, but I have had occasion to ask native speakers as well.

Everyone I have introduced to the GIMP has loved it.  It takes maybe five minutes to turn a person who wants to edit pictures into a new GIMP user.  If everyone you know refuses to touch it because of the name, I think you need smarter friends and co-workers.

If you want to know what the word GIMP means, do a Google search for it.  I mean that:  Really do it.  Report back on what you find.

I present my findings to those who might find them actionable, here on the list. I won't appeal
to emotion or argue about it, I only state what I find: the name GIMP is tainted. You might as well name the program Swastika (which was a symbol of peace before the Third Reich).

Comparing GIMP to Swastika is not an appeal to emotion and will not provoke any arguments, especially in the present forum.  May I suggest that if you want to change the name, suggest a better one and make a case FOR your proposed name?



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