Re: [Gimp-gui] GIMP shows a thumbnail in taskbar rather than its icon


On 2015-11-01 13:43, Elle Stone wrote:
On 10/21/2015 02:40 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
I've never seen a generated thumbnail, and if one were to appear it
would be too small to be of any use.

Hmm, now there really are thumbnail icons on the IceWM taskbar.

Yes this is a work in progress by Mitch, triggered by this discussion. The first result of the GUI mailing list, which is cool because I see this as a success (small one, but that's still a start!). :-) The change is that a Wilber is now overlayed over the thumbnail, which allows to both see Wilber (to recognize the icon as a GIMP one amongst others programs) and the thumbnail.

Now it is strange that you suddenly see it. I experienced the same thing under GNOME 3 where I was never seeing the thumbnail until after these commits!
Maybe Mitch also fixed something without even noticing in the same time?

This link shows a screenshot of the IceWM taskbar since the latest
round of GIMP updates that affect the icons:

The thumbnail icons are small (because I have IceWM set up to show
small icons) but they do make it possible to distinguish between the
different image files, which is really nice.

The Toolbox icon looks odd.

It should be Wilber, which is the default icon of any GIMP window unless overridden (like in the Thumbnail case).
Maybe a bug thereā€¦


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