Re: [Gimp-docs] Help Needed for Documentation Writing?

"I'll do a bit of research on the workflow to better understand how this all works (is the definitive guide still useful?). In the mean time, if any there's any less-critical work that I could get started on, let me know and I'd be glad to help!"

Docbook is useful as a reference. In usual workflow, you will find many code examples in src files, and you have templates as explained in the Howto.

Many chapters have to be updated (sometimes for only a few words), rebuilt or created. There is no complete list of what is to be done. You can find some indications in the "bug" list of Bugzila : Also when you have built the html files of the work in progress, you will find a What's new in GIMP-2.10 section. And browsing the Web for gimp-2.9, you will find several What's new in.

But the main way is to compare gimp-2.9.6 step by step with the help html files.

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