[Gimp-docs] Help Needed for Documentation Writing?

Hey everyone,

I'm a big fan of this project, and I've been a GIMP user for many years. I'm by no means a skilled enough developer to contribute in code, but I would like to lend a hand by writing, editing, formatting or modifying any GIMP documentation that needs extra work.

I've written countless enterprise docs for clients during my employment at Red Hat as a consultant, including wikis, procedural guides, and reference glossaries. I've recently returned from a position as a site reliability engineer over in Europe and am hoping to transition into a technical writing role stateside, which I believe is a better fit for my skills and experience.

Is there a documentation Github page or taskboard you can point me towards? Most of the docs I've written aren't really publicly available, but I do have a short procedural doc I can send your way if it's necessary to provide a sample.

Let me know if you need anything else, looking forward to helping out the GIMP Team!



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