[Gimp-docs] How about a shared TODO list ?


I think it would be better for us to have a shared TODO list for
completing and keeping updated the GIMP documentation.
Here are known issues:

* "Classic GIMP.org" sub-menu and its subsidiary items are removed
     from "File > Create" menu as well as "Misc." sub-menu.
* "Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts" toggle is removed.

[Tools, Tool options]
* Add a page for Cage transformation tool.
* Add description for Brush size, Aspect, and Angle sliders.
* Add description for Smooth stroke option.

* "Instant update" switch of Histogram dialog is removed.
* Add a page for Brush Dynamics.

* "Apply Lens" (apply_lens.xml) is moved from "Light and
     Shadow" to "Distort".
* "Glass Tile" (glasstile.xml) is moved from "Light and Shadow"
     to "Artistic".
* At ImageMap filter, "Open recent" command does not exist.

At http://wiki.gimp.org/, are there any pages for the documentation
team?  I will read them first if they exist.

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai s4 gmail com>

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