[Gimp-developer] GIMPressionist question


 I was using GIMPressionist, having achieved amazing results with it!

 But I have a question which blocks me from using it to finish my project.
Its related to this line, and I honestly have no idea of GIMP's database to understand what these parameters are


Is it possible to not have randomization or noise? These are the settings I am using to test, minimum where possible, and it still randomizes


 Paper: Scale 3.0, Relief 0.0

 Brush: Aspect ratio 0.0, Relief 12.0

 Orientation: Directions 1, StartAngle 0, AngleSpan 0 Orientation: Value

 Size: SizeVariants 1, MinimumSize 14 MaximumSize 14

Placement: Evenly distributed, centered, Stroke density 3 -> This is what likely causes the randomization

 Color: Center of Brush, Color Noise 0

 General: Everything at 0

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