Re: [Gimp-developer] Why does it take so long until Gimp finds out that no image is on the clipboard

On 04/05/2020 12:29, Adalbert Hanßen wrote:
I am running Krusader under Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

I can click and Ctl-c on a file to paste the complete path to the file into an editor window, I can paste the 
whole file if I Strg-v it in a file manager. I can copy pictures from one application to another by 

I have never heard before about clipboard managers and just googled for that keyword to look if any of the 
names associated with one of the findings is installed on my computer:

clipit, copyq, diodon, gpaste, glipper, klipper, qlipper, parcellite, xfce4-clipman, xclip and xsel are not 
installed on my computer.

there is no sequence "clip" in the output of dpkg -l.

Liam mentioned clipboard managers not as a cause of your problem, but as
a possible investigation tool.

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