[Gimp-developer] Why does it take so long until Gimp finds out that no image is on the clipboard

I am using Gimp 2.8 under Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

From time to time I use Gimp to crop screenshots in order to paste the right part of a screenshot to a 

Sometimes, my screenshot utility (xfce4-screenshooter) does not put my screenshot onto the clipboard when I 
invoke the screenshot utility by the right shortcut. I have no idea, what's wrong then but alsoLibreOffice 
tells me that there is noimage on the clipboard in these cases. In some of themthere still is text on the 
clibpoard from the last clipboard operation, so the error message from Gimp is ok.

Whatreally annoys me isthat it takes almost a minute for Gimp to tell me that there is no image on the 

* Why does it take that long?

* What can developers do to speed up the error message in such a situation?

* By the way: Is there a method such that one can see what type of data is on the clipboard: text/image/file 
designation/spreadsheet data, ...?

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