Re: [Gimp-developer] Asking for help/collaboration in nonprofit mini-project around covid-19

On 01/05/2020 22:40, P. Cáliz wrote:
Hi all

    I am trying to launch a social (non-profit) mini-project based on the
hashtag #EstasEnMisPensamientos / #YouAreOnMyMind.
    I am going to publicly share a selection of my photos (a few hundred, I
suppose there will be some good ones ;-) ) labeled with that hastag and
with the URL of the collection, so that anyone can freely send them to
family, friends, ... Also I will try to involve professional photographers,
and entities that have their own collections (botanical gardens, museums,
conservation societies of monuments such as La Alhambra de Granada or the
Topkapi palace, etc), to contribute with material from their collections.
    I do not know what success I can have, but being optimistic I must
expect a volume of contributions that I will not be able to handle by
myself, by hand. And it is for this that I request your help, perhaps
someone can make a Script-fu that automates the treatment of the photos. I
have only used Gimp sporadically to correct the color or contrast of my
photos, but I have an absolute ignorance beyond this.

    Ideally the script should run in a loop with the following actions:

    - Take a photo from the originals directory A
    - Adjust the photo to a maximum size (~ 2048 pix vertical or horizontal)
    preserving the aspect ratio
    - Add a frame around the image with the bottom side wider than the
    others (similar to Polaroid photos), and write the hastag (english and
    spanish), and the collection URL in this bottom border. This is just an
    idea, I'm open to your artistic suggestions
    - Export as .jpeg in the modified photos directory B
    - If possible, move the original photo from A directory to the C
    directory so that it is not treated again

    Maybe it is necessary to define some additional detail, please feel free
to ask me anything.

    I will exclusively dedicate a Raspberry Pi 3 for Gimp to fly.
    Every day I will try to download in the original directory "A" all the
photos received at youareonmyming scrive org (by the way, if someone knows
how to automate this, I would be soooo grateful). And also every day I will
upload all the taged photos in directory "B" to the public album (I'm still
not sure of the URL, I will probably host it in google photos).

    Any volunteer? Hope yes.

Typically done with ImageMagick:

Some features:

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