Re: [Gimp-developer] Regarding website rewamp

Hello Rohan!

We certainly appreciate any offers of help!
However, we are usually careful to avoid change for the sake of change
unless there's a good reason.

Shlomi has already done a superb job in some of his questions, but in
essence ask yourself what might be improved by migrating to a new system or
what is not working currently that would be fixed/addressed through such a
move.  Also consider that just as valuable as fixing a problem or
improvement is the long-term prospects of a maintainer.  Someone will need
to stick around and be available to help others for the long-term -
otherwise we run the risk of rot and roadblocks to usability.

As mentioned, there are certainly plenty of areas where the project could
use a hand.  Perhaps something like a new site for plugins and an interface
for providing data to GIMP would be a better option?

Please feel free to join us on IRC sometimes to discuss (or feel free to
continue responding on-list here).

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