Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp git master + python

The official stance is that Python plugins in Gimp 3 will need to use
Python3 and GObject Introspection.  There are working examples in the
gimp/plug-ins/python directory and at gimp/plug-ins/goat-exercises/... .py
.  AFAIK there is little documentation for plugin authors.

IOW PyGimp and GimpFu will be obsolete, but you will still be able to write
plugins in Python, and many other languages.

Also, plugins in Gimp 3 are a work in progress.  I think features like
automatic GUI (plugin dialog) generation and saving of settings might still
be absent in Gimp itself,  possibly just in the working examples.

There is a discussion and
also earlier in this mailing list.

Note I am not a Gimp developer, just a plugin author.

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