Re: [Gimp-developer] No Lua or Python in Gimp 2.99

On my system, in my shell env,  GI_TYPELIB_PATH is not defined.  I suppose
you are suggesting the Gimp build (say make install)  should set or add to
that variable in my env, but I don't think it should change my .profile.

Maybe the problem is with PyGObject?  Are there standard locations (i.e.
paths) for .gir files?  Shouldn't PyGObject (and lua-lgi, etc.) be looking
there?  Maybe there is no such standard, and to use GI requires the
GI_TYPELIB_PATH variable in the environment.

I was trying to suggest that when Gimp starts it should augment
GI_TYPELIB_PATH in its own environment.  IOW a bug in Gimp.  I could be

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