Re: [Gimp-developer] [ANNOUNCE] GIMP 2.10.20, babl 0.1.78, GEGL 0.4.24

On 6/12/20 9:18 AM, Cristian Secară wrote:
În data de Fri, 12 Jun 2020 03:02:08 +0300, Ell via gimp-developer-list a scris:

Sorry about that.  There are a few characters in the Romanian
translation (namely ??, ??, and ??) that can't be converted to the
encoding the installer uses (Windows-1250).  If there are some other
characters you can use instead that are supported by Windows-1250, we
could add the translation.

No, I don't want to alter my language because of an impotent software. It is inadmissible in year 2020 to 
stick to an 8-bit character encoding, whatever that encoding is. Or perhaps GIMP is supposed to be 
installed on Windows 95/98/ME too ?

The installer software being used is Innosetup:

If you happen to know if and how this can be made to use Unicode, then
please let us know - I think I asked about that once, and while it may
seem possible, there were some pitfalls. Jernej might know more about this.

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