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this email is deliberately a little provocative. If I have not seen wrong
in the source archive there are 51 .scm scripts and 11 .py Scheme scripts
has a complex syntax and I do not know how much it is used today. What are
the advantages of Scheme compared to Python? Would it make sense to rewrite
plugins that still use Scheme in Python and remove the Scheme language?

In addition note that one can write code in any language which has or can have
access to the GIMP PDB ( see )
and they will all be able to call each others' procedures. In addition to
Scheme and Python, there are C plugins and there was gimp-perl in the past as
well, and there can be others.

For some of the advantages of Lisp-like languages, see:



As you may be aware, both Scheme and Python are turing-complete ( ).

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