[Gimp-developer] GEGL operation as a GIMP plugin with UI builder


I'm still in the quest of creating a pixel based gimp plugin.

Also this question is both for gimp and gegl, but pippin from gegl, directed
me more towards gimp list (here).

I've managd to create a gegl operation - which seems to work fine (apart 
some detail). The catch is that my implementation currently has the form of
directly altering gegl source code, recompiling whole gegl, installing that
and loading that into a gimp as a 'Tools-GEGL Operation', which is a lot 

Is there a way to implement a gegl operation in the form of a modular gimp
plugin, so it would work with ui builder widgets, like proprerty_double(),
auxulary inputs, etc? (see https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gegl/blob/master/
operations/common/exposure.c#L26 for example). All the plugins in /plugins/
seems to build its ui from scratch instead uf using gegl-like widgets.

Hte second issue I have is that most of the enums from here https://gitlab.
gnome.org/GNOME/gegl/blob/master/gegl/gegl-op.h#L271 work, apart from
property_curve() from #L282. Is there a way to enable property_curve in gimp


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