Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP in the textile industry: handling of indexed colors

Hi all.

Please see my previous mail for more context of this problem.

So here we go about the handling of colors in indexed images:

In the current toolchain for the carpets the images are indexed, i.e.
instead of RGB data per pixel each pixel stores an index into a color

At the company it is important to have good tools to manipulate color
palettes and I think there definitely is room in GIMP for a plugin that
provides advanced control over the colors contained in a project
specific palette as well as tools to control names and order of the
color entries.

In GIMP color palettes are available and they also can carry names. But
while you can use these palettes to create indexed images, the indexed
image itself carries a "colormap" which does not provide named colors.
It would be necessary to extend the core to store names associated to
the indexed colors. A small sideproject then is to make sure that these
color names also end up in the final resulting image, one thought there
was to define and write a specific text chunk into a PNG file that
provides advanced information about the palette.

I personally think that this would be a welcome addtition to GIMP. It
also is a project that is not too huge and might be beneficial to other
usecases as well.

I'd welcome input on that topic.

              simon budig de    

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