Re: [Gimp-developer] Using GIMP in the textile industry

Hi all.

Please see my previous mail for more context of this problem.

In the textile industry working with patterns is hugely important:

One quite important aspect of designing carpets is dealing with
patterns. The kind of projects we're talking about here is of the scale
"print carpet for a whole building, adhering to a common design across
the building".

So the layout of the building is known and the area of the floors gets
"sliced up" in advance so that it is known, which part of the room will
be filled with what part of the carpet run. It is vital that the
patterning of the carpet will seamlessly match when the carpet runs are
finally placed in the building.

In GIMP the fill tool provides no control over how a pattern is placed
in the selection to be filled, which in this context obviously is a huge
problem. I imagine it should be feasible to provide on canvas controls
for the fill tool, allowing to move a pattern around and to finetune how
a pattern is placed inside the selection.

I also saw other workflows where they worked with patterns dragged onto
the canvas and subsequently being expanded onto the image by dragging on
the pattern bounding box. The pattern in this case would be "locked"
into a specific position. One application is to place a pattern for a
trim on the carpet and then expand it in a repeating manner across one
side of the carpet.
I am not sure if this is a feasible thing for GIMP.

I'd welcome input on that topic.


              simon budig de    

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