Re: [Gimp-developer] What would it take to add an option for the Pencil tool to support brush transparency? (James Houx)

James Houx via gimp-developer-list (gimp-developer-list gnome org) wrote:
How difficult would it be to modify the pencil tool to support transparency?

the regular paintbrush and the pencil tool are both using the
gimppaintcore for painting the brushes. The difference between pencil
and paintbrush is controlled by the "brush mode" property of the paint
options. If it is == GIMP_BRUSH_HARD then the pencil behaviour is used.

In app/paint/gimpbrushcore.c this is used to request the "solidified"
variant of the brush, in app/paint/gimppaintcore.c it is used to round
the coordinates.

If you want to just change it in your personal copy without changes to
the UI it seems to be fairly trivial. If you want to offer a UI it might
be a bit trickier, but it should be doable.


              simon budig de    

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