Re: [Gimp-developer] What would it take to add an option for the Pencil tool to support brush transparency? (James Houx)

Thanks Ell,

I tried the grid brush technique. While it works for making explicit individual stamps, it does not work for holding the button down and continuously painting. That makes it not an option for my needs: as I'd have to click thousands of times, since I can't use the scatter settings to have the brush do the work for me. Only adding transparency to the pencil would fix the issue. :(

I found Paint.NET after some additional searching, and there are tons of plugins for it on GitHub.  One of them is called Brush Factory and claims to do RGB brush stamping technique.  I'll have to try it out and see if it will do a hard stamp without sub pixel sampling.  But still the plugin interface looks fairly clunky compared to just being able to do it right in GIMP.

How difficult would it be to modify the pencil tool to support transparency?

- James

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