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the split view in Gimp 2.10 is an awesome feature!

Here are my questions:
- I couldn't find a way to have the split view turned on by default, in
any place. Is that possible?

I guess it may makes sense to save this option so that the checkbox stays
checked if we left it checked last we used a filter. On the other hand, I
could imagine it to be annoying sometimes, especially if you fail to notice
it to be on (in case of subtle changes). :-/

- The split view handle is only visible when the guides are visible. You
probably see me coming, because, when the guides are unvisible, turn on
the split view and.. and nothing :-). Shouldn't turning the split view
on, make the guides visibles? Or just the split view guide (make it a
non-discardable guide)?

I understand the issue. This is annoying sometimes when I turn on a feature
with guides and they are invisible. Unfortunately making them always
visible is definitely not an option. Guides are very practical feature but
they are also in the way. Many often, you absolutely need to make them
disappear. This is just as true for generic guides, as for mirror guides,
or here split view guides. In the later case, the guide is just right in
the border between with and without the effect you are comparing. Sometimes
you want to do so the most seamlessly possible. And a line just at the
separation points is making the comparison difficult.

If you have a lot of need to switch guide visibility on/off, I'd suggest
you change the shortcut to some direct key. I know this is what does the
artist I work with, because guide visibility is quite a frequently used



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