[Gimp-developer] Opportunity: Gimp filters and Script-Fu

Hi all Gimp developers!

I would need to hire someone for a short (potentially recurring) project
involving some creative image editing in Gimp and script writing in

   - In short, I need someone who can create filters in Gimp, or tweak
   existing ones, to make pictures more artsy and abstract. We would help with
   design guidance, but hope to find someone who has creative talent. To start
   with we would need 2-3 filters (or “designs”)
   - These filters will then need to be turned into Script-Fu. We intend to
   use the filters on images that our customers upload themselves on our Linux
   server where Gimp is installed.

The scripts will be used in real time so should be reasonably light weight.
I am happy to share more background and context with anyone who is
interested in doing this! Just reply to this email or write me on LinkedIn

Best regards,
*Robert Nyberg*
robert thepuppyposter se

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