Re: [Gimp-developer] Compilation errors in file-dds plugin under CentOS7 and GCC 6.4.0

On 2/16/19 4:06 PM, Carmelo DrRaw via gimp-developer-list wrote:
When compiling the current GIMP code under CentOS7 with GCC 6.4.0, I get some compilation errors that are 
due the plug-ins/file-dds/endian.h header file.
This file interferes with the system-wide endian.h header. The error can be fixed by renaming the file in 
the DDS plug-in to something like "dds-endian.h"

Thanks!  Fixed in master (b5a34c3190d62294dc0316c93251baa807b26c9e) and
gimp-2-10 (bfa6285d238bac6ea30dd25269cb5283d13f6936).


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