Re: [Gimp-developer] help compiling babl

Elle Stone writes:
Thanks! for updating the wiki. In case it helps, the paths for setting up
the prefix vary from one distribution to the next, for example are very
different for Debian Sid compared to Gentoo.

Thanks, Elle, If the paths are distro-dependent, they're almost
certainly wrong for Win and Mac too, so I'll add a note that the paths
are just examples and need to be adjusted for each system.

On my Debian system (Testing), I didn't need the to add the
$PREFIX/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu library directories; everything was
installed in $GIMP_PREFIX/lib. But if you needed them, I'm sure 
other people will as well. I think what I'll do is change the main
build page to say the variables there are just an example, then add
a section to the Linux build page with the two variable lists you
gave for Sid and Gentoo as well as my Testing list. It's a bummer
that these vary so much and there's no easy way to predict them.

Also, I found that gegl's new meson build doesn't source the
$PREFIX/share/ automatically the way the old build did:
gegl complained about not being able to find babl until I sourced
$PREFIX/share/ in the shell before running the meson
build. So I should probably just remove the suggestion of using entirely, and tell people to export the variables in
the shell before starting the build.


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